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The Story

Sally Lane

I founded Sally Lane Jewellery in 2015 after creating a style of jewellery that matched my ambition within the work place; to succeed without emulating macho behaviour; to be Strong Yet Feminine. 

I have recently updated this to 'Strong X Feminine' to symbolise how we can amplify the outcomes by using strong and feminine traits together.

It is all too easy to conform to succeed; women telling other women stories is the key to inspiring strength without a need to change our character – we do not need to emulate macho behaviours to succeed but rather we should encourage more feminine ways of doing business. Being empathetic, gentle and nurturing (the definitions for 'femininity' in the dictionary) do not contradict strength (only listed under 'masculinity'), anything but! We need a balance of both in all areas of life. 

The very brand essence of Sally Lane Jewellery is women telling other women stories to inspire them to take an honest look at their life and make changes to make them happier and healthier. The designs are Strong and also Feminine; bold but understated; wearing Sally Lane Jewellery empowers the wearer to do whatever they set out to achieve by reminding women of their own inner strength.

The triangle is the centrepiece for Sally Lane Jewellery because it so perfectly expresses strength and elegance in its form. It breaks the mould from the traditional circle which is so widely used in jewellery and flaunts daring with its beautiful but pointed angles. This is jewellery for women who are in control of their own destiny.

The jewellery uses Sterling Silver and 18k Gold Plating, to create affordable luxury. Every piece can be worn in the day time, but also looks incredibly glamourous with an evening look; in every situation it says ‘something’ about the wearer while remaining understated.

Behind each piece, there is a positive message for life.

I am passionate on the subject of disrupting yourself; we should take a step back from our lives and ensure we are being true to our real selves. I have spoken at and hosted many events to encourage story telling from women to women.